Every choice we make impacts people, communities and the environment

We are not just a construction company. We are a business that is committed to building better, stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.

Our pledge is to innovate and set new benchmarks in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our industry-leading CSR strategy outlines responsible behaviour at every stage of project delivery – understanding both the short-term and long-lasting effects of construction. We aim to create sustainable buildings and communities and ensure that we responsibly manage and reduce our health and safety risks, impact on the environment and potential disruption to local communities.

We focus on six core principles in our CSR strategy. These ensure we develop or contribute to safe, healthy communities where people want to live, work, play or learn.

Success in community construction requires the ability to balance vision with not just technical expertise and experience, but the personal talent to deliver the very best solutions. This is why our people are so important.

- Richard Higgins, Chairman

Working in Partnership

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