Health and safety comes first - always and without exception

Our commitment to health and safety applies to everyone - from project team members to people in communities in which we work.

Our health and safety policies and procedures meet the highest national standards set by the Health and Safety Executive and our performance is highlighted by our ISO 45001 accreditation by BSI. We maintain these high standards with regular health and safety courses for all staff members, helping us stay well ahead of the industry. Our project and resident liaison teams work closely with local police, schools, colleges and residents to ensure that our projects are undertaken safely and without risk to people and communities.

Phil Safe - the children's health and safety expert

Our successful safety initiatives for children include competitions and fun events with our very own health and safety mascot 'Phil Safe'. Phil joined our team in 2011 to help communicate the important message that building sites are dangerous. Phil can be seen at local fetes, fun days and school assemblies teaching children about safety issues, first aid and many other important messages.

Our Aims

Innovation underlies everything we do, and health and safety is no exception. We aim to:

  • Carry out all operations in accordance with legislation and our company health and safety policy
  • Provide independent advice and inspections for our sites through the Higgins Group Safety Inspectors
  • Ensure all staff members undertake appropriate health and safety training
  • Provide induction and training processes on our sites to determine competencies and adequate health and safety awareness for operatives and visitors
  • Operate a staff committee to focus on health and safety issues

By working with communities to understand their specific needs, we continue to meet the highest health and safety standards while giving people peace of mind that their safety is our number one priority. 

Working in Partnership

Tell us about your scheme and we'll help you overcome challenges and achieve your aspirations.