We don't just build homes, we help you sell them

We know what sells, where it sells and how to sell it. These are all great reasons to choose us to support you.

Improvements in today's economy have opened up new opportunities, attracting more private developers and increasing market competition. Impeccable sales management and skills together with construction expertise are essential to compete.  We focus on maximising your returns by building what makes commercial sense, and using our understanding of how planning, design, specification and layout impacts the sale of any property. If you need support with selling, we can do that too.

Skilled Sales Professionals

Higgins Group, operates a fully resourced, in-house sales and marketing team. We are able to include this team within our service offering to either support or undertake the complete sales and marketing function.

Contact our Business Development Team and we will show you how our sales and marketing experience can help you sell your scheme and maximise return. We are here to help, get in touch.

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Working in Partnership

Tell us about your scheme and we'll help you overcome challenges and achieve your aspirations.