Hackney Primary School children take part in Enabling Enterprise Day at Colville

Posted: 14/02/2017

Students from years four to six from four primary schools in Hackney have had the chance to put their enterprise skills to the test at a Higgins Construction site in London on a very special competition day.

Orchard, Hoxton Garden, Southwold and Randal Cremer Primary Schools all attended Higgin Construction’s Colville Estate regeneration site in Hackney where they were set the challenge to design a new community centre for a local redevelopment site. Students needed to consider the needs of the local community, whilst taking into consideration environmental issues.

After quizzing the volunteers about their jobs and working life, the students put on their special hard hats and high visibility jackets and had the chance to go up onto the viewing deck to survey the construction site, then meet one of the site managers to find out more about how buildings are built.

After this, the teams were set their challenge. Students impressed adults in the room with their ability to work in a team and use their problem-solving skills to decide which types of building the people of the community needed.

“I think the day has been an excellent opportunity for the children to practice and build upon their communication, team work and problem solving skills,” commented one of the teachers.

I’ve really enjoyed working in a team like this. It’s a competition but it doesn’t really matter if we win because we’re having so much fun!” said a pupil from Randal Cremer Primary School.

Each team thought of some really creative ideas, such as multi-use spaces for all members of the community to enjoy, a library, café and garden areas. They were even set the additional task of ensuring that their development was environmentally friendly which they addressed by including solar panels and bins.

Enabling Enterprise works in partnership with schools and employers to bring the world of work into classrooms through lesson-time projects and challenge days. The trips are an invaluable way of broadening children’s aspirations and making the connection between classroom learning and real life.

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