Students fine tune their enterprise skills with a business trip to Higgins Construction’s head office

Posted: 30/05/2017

As a partner of Enabling Enterprise Higgins is extremely committed to giving opportunities and encouraging children to get a taste of the working world. Recently students from Year five at The Alderton Junior School in Essex visited Higgins Construction’s head office to develop their enterprising skills.

The pupils spent the day carrying out a ‘Creative Spaces’ project where they had to design the best community arts centre for their local area. The students had to use all their enterprise skills to work through the challenges of the day focusing on using their imaginations so they could come up with a centre that was creative but practically designed. They also had to work in a team to ensure that every member had a role and felt part of the design process.

Higgins Construction staff members also took part during the day and introduced the students to some of the possible careers within construction before giving them a fantastic tour of the Head Office. The students had the opportunity to not only see the different departments, but also to interview many of the employees at Higgins.

Jeff Joseph, Community Investment Manager commented, “As a company we are driven to helping create thriving communities in which people can live, work, learn and play, and which they are proud to be part of. Working with Enabling Enterprise allows our team to support and engage with the students but also provide them with the opportunity to test their skills within the world of work. We are delighted it was such a successful day.”

A teacher at The Alderton Junior School said, “The students gained wonderful guidance and opportunities for professional teamwork.” 

“My favourite part was meeting all the different people who work here and being in the biggest meeting room,” continues a student at The Alderton Junior School.

The teams responded well to the challenge of adapting the design to the chosen location, incorporating natural materials including leaves and twigs which had been collected especially for the day. 

Each team presented their models to the panel of judges, including Higgins Construction’s New Business Director Paul Cooke as a special guest judge. The teams demonstrated different strengths in their presenting skills and every student proudly represented their construction companies.

Enabling Enterprise works in partnership with schools and employers to bring the world of work into classrooms through lesson-time projects and challenge days. The trips are an invaluable way of broadening children’s aspirations and making the connection between classroom learning and real life.

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