Braintree Decent Homes, Braintree

Occupied refurbishment of more than 4,000 dispersed properties over three years to achieve Decent Homes standard.

  • Budget:£65,000,000
  • Procurement:Partnering PPC 2000
  • Client:Greenfields Community Housing
  • Agent:BDB

Higgins Construction was selected as one of two contractors to undertake a three-phase Decent Homes programme for Greenfields Community Housing.

Due to the wide operational area, we required a main project office and compound situated in a central location, with additional satellite offices and compounds to service the works.

The contract was set up as a Community Gateway model: this exemplar approach is rare, with at the time, only 4 of these models being used across the social housing sector.

Due to the elderly residents, the works were undertaken in a elemental manner to allow a period of respite for the residents during the works. We operated a comprehensive suite of Key Performance Indicators which consistently achieved scores in excess of our targets. All properties were handed over with zero defects.

We had a significant resident liaison presence on the project, with successful community initiatives including 'Meet the Team' events, supporting town carnivals, sponsoring local football teams, estate Easter Egg Hunts, Fish and Chip Bingo and sponsoring a national BMX competition in Braintree.

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