We build Libraries, Community centres, Healthcare facilities, Nurseries - everything your community needs

Successful construction and design of community buildings requires an understanding of how they are used. This way, we ensure they are fit for purpose for every community.

Higgins Partnerships plans and develops buildings that provide the services every community needs. Our goal is for people to enjoy and be part of an independent, safe community that's right on their doorstep. We develop or refurbish nursery schools and community centres, healthcare and recreational facilities, as well as beautiful parks and green areas.

Our understanding of how a building is used influences the design and the components we use to build it. We gather input from end users – whether they're building managers, doctors, community centre managers, youth or resident's associations. Their needs inspire the type of space we create and the features it contains such as heating, lighting, security systems, IT requirements and acoustics.

For more information on how we can plan and develop community buildings and facilities, contact our Business Development Team. We are here to help, get in touch. 

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