Successful Estate Regeneration through collaboration, careful planning and the power of resident choice

Our Estate Regeneration programmes focus on building communities, transforming lives and invigorating landscapes through partnerships.

Higgins has over 50 years' experience in Estate Regeneration delivering award winning projects, time and time again.  This is because we understand that to make projects work, residents must be involved from the start. Not only do we work closely with the Homes and Communities Agency, Local Authorities and Registered Providers, our skilled Resident Liaison Managers also work closely within the communities. This approach, combined with great design, effective planning, project management and quality control, helps us change lives. All residents needs, concerns and aspirations are listened to and addressed throughout the regeneration programme.

Giving Residents a strong voice

Higgins appreciate that the development process has a big impact on residents. That's why we involve them from the outset of every new Estate Regeneration project. But this involvement is more than just a consultation process or presentations. It's about giving residents choices – enabling them to be part of the decision-making process. Our active resident choice programmes are designed to ensure residents are comfortable and happy with the regeneration programme, designs and planning. They help to ensure people can more easily accept the changes that will impact their lives and create more harmonious communities.

Quality Through Skilled Project Teams

Our Project Teams will include a range of experienced and highly skilled pre-construction and construction personnel. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for every stage of the project, so you'll always know who to turn to when you need an answer. It is our people who ensure the highest level of quality and technical compliance is achieved on every project, through established and proven quality management processes.

Leaving a long term legacy

Regeneration in any community is not just about building new homes. Throughout the development process Higgins Partnerships invests to create more prosperous, safe environments and helps communities to thrive and flourish. We do this through careful planning, by creating mixed-tenure communities and by working with resident groups to ensure these communities are successful and sustainable. We ensure homes are easy to maintain and economical. We even run gardening clubs and DIY sessions to give residents the skills they need to keep their homes and gardens looking beautiful.

For support with turning your scheme into a reality, contact our Business Development Team. We will show you how our approach can overcome obstacles and deliver your project on time and to budget. Get in touch. 

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