Higgins Partnerships joins BPIC Network as a Partner

Posted 16/11/2020

Through its ongoing commitment supporting black and ethnic minority professionals in the construction industry, Higgins Partnerships is proud to announce its strategic alliance with BPIC Network (Black Professionals in Construction).

As well as providing career opportunities, BPIC Network is leading the charge on a mission to promote diversity and inclusion by providing guidance, training and networking events and showcasing the industry as one of the most exciting to work for.

Amy Ross, Head of Social Value comments, “We are extremely pleased to become a partner with BPIC Network. As an organisation we are committed to promoting the wealth of opportunities the construction industry has to offer everyone, irrespective of gender or ethnicity, and we are excited to be working with BPIC to promote this.”

“We are very proud to bring Higgins Partnerships on board the BPIC Network journey in increasing diversity and inclusion within the construction industry. Higgins Partnerships is a large organisation offering skills and experience that we look forward to highlighting to our networks and us bringing awareness of our network to Higgins Partnerships.“ said Amos Simbo, BPIC Network Chairman.

BPIC is a Community Interest Company providing Business to Business (B2B) services to employers and educators. Its vision is to facilitate careers in construction as well as work with organizations looking to improve their diverse representation including advancement of black and ethnic minority professionals.