Greenhill Centre, Newham

This new residential development in Manor Park will provide an 8 storey building, a 5 storey building and a third multi-level building ranging between 2, 3 and 7 storeys tall. It incorporates a replacement gym space and landscape improvements, designed by concept architect Haworth Tomkins.

56 of the new homes will be offered at London Affordable Rent and 25 for low-cost shared ownership, having been partially funded by the Greater London Authority. Additional works include demolition, enabling works, associated landscaping and extensive highways improvements, all vastly improving the area. Our in-house Design Team have worked with retained architect Harworth Tomkins to develop the design to meet Newham’s key requirements.

The new homes will be Passivhaus Classic certified by Etude. Aside from the benefits that this will bring to London Borough of Newham as part of its Climate Emergency commitment there are a number of key benefits for future residents. These homes reduce energy use through low heating requirements whilst providing improved thermal comfort and good indoor air quality with design features to prevent overheating developed by MEP and Passivhaus Designer, Elementa.

Existing mature trees on the site are being protected and will enhance a new community garden. The design of the blocks takes inspiration from surrounding buildings to ensure a seamless blend into the existing landscape.

In support of Newham’s Community Wealth Building Strategy we are providing 52 new employment opportunities and preparatory workshops upskilling local residents. Opportunities include 14 apprenticeships and 5 internships paid at London Living Wage, recruited through specialist community agencies to increase accessibility to opportunities for a diverse workforce.

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