Higgins partners with The Social Value Portal

Posted 30/07/2020

As a business building better, stronger, safer and more sustainable communities is at the core of every project we deliver. Our pledge is to innovate and set new benchmarks in Corporate Social Responsibility and we want to ensure that we manage and measure ‘what value we bring to society’.

We have partnered with The Social Value Portal to enable us to do this and help us to identify and measure the contribution our team and our supply chain makes to society such as environmental, social and economic activities and to report and log both the financial and non-financial data and rewards for the work we do in the community.

Amy Ross, Head of Social Value said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Social Value Portal as our dedicated toolkit for the measurement, management and reporting of our community impact. The portal is nationally approved and is a valuable tool to help us manage the tender process and to unlock social value in the supply chain. Its interactive online platform also helps us set targets and manage performance as well as providing live reporting with interactive dashboards and displays including geospatial mapping of value by area.

“We are committed to developing sustainable communities with complete resident engagement, helping people to achieve objectives that make a real difference to their community. This includes a range of initiatives such as sponsoring community events, offering time and resources to local programmes, creating education, training and employment opportunities or donating surplus building materials to local colleges. There are many ways in which we can demonstrate our corporate social responsibility.”

We will also be using The National Framework as part of the portal which is based on a range of themes, outcomes and measures. These include jobs and skills, promoting local business; healthy communities, greener and cleaner and social innovation.