Career training and mentoring with students in Hackney

Posted 02/10/2023

We are committed to working with young talent to provide them with opportunities to develop a career in the construction industry. Through our partnerships with social enterprises, such as Pathway CTM, we are helping students and school leavers enter the world of work through our school engagement programme.

Linked to our two developments in the London Borough of Hackney, we have been volunteering with students at Central Foundation Boys School, City of London Academy and The Petchey Academy to interview and mentoring sessions focusing on writing applications and CVs, showcasing strengths, mastering interviews and creating a strong profile on LinkedIn.

During the programme with Pathway CTM we reached over 125 students, with 60 of them signing up to the Higgins hotlist for future work placement and apprenticeship opportunities.

Amy Reynolds, Director of ESG comments, “As a company we place great importance on our school engagement programme as a way of encouraging young talent to consider one of the many careers available in the construction industry.

“Working with social enterprise partners like Pathway CTM allows us to reach a diverse group of students and help them understand what we do, the opportunities available through apprenticeship and work placements and give them advice and empower them to have the confidence to apply for future roles.”

Feedback from a teacher at Central Foundation Boys School said, “It was good to see students practicing mock interviews using the ‘STAR Method’ which they had never used before. All three sessions were so impactful. Students have come away with valuable insight which will help them to succeed in their up-and-coming interviews.”

One student said, “The session was great, and I gained a lot of valuable information and skills. Thank you for the opportunity!”