Peterhead Court, Southall

Mixed use development for the London Borough of Ealing delivering 68 apartments and houses with a community centre and nursery at the Golf Links Estate, Southall. The area was identified in 2008 as one of a number of high intervention estates in need of major development.

The design of the development was completed by AHR Architects, the new development replaced the dilapidated existing buildings with 68 attractive apartments and townhouses, including four family houses, as well as a welcoming and versatile community centre and nursery, and a multi-purpose landscaped courtyard.

The flats and townhouses are served by a leafy residents’ courtyard, providing a space to relax and socialise in the open air, with picnic tables, pockets of plants and wildlife, and play equipment for children. Sections are divided off to create safe, private outdoor space for the community centre and creche.

This development delivered over 30% below the waste, emissions and water targets and went onto to receive a Bronze Considerate Constructors Award and was named Development of the Week in Inside Housing in March 2019.

Consultation was a key factor for this development as the site is next to the Emmanuel Church Diocese and Golf Links Community Centre. The community engagement programme was undertaken throughout the design, the programme sought to: Present design proposals in very small groups, provide a mechanism for residents and user groups to comment on the development and related issues, inform the residents about full planning application proposals and the planning process, raise the profile of the development with the local community and present the positive goals for the residents and neighbours, brief the community and stakeholders on the design updates and revise design proposals where possible incorporating any constructive feedback.

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