Wimbourne Street, Hackney

The mixed-use development consists of two linear buildings; Wimbourne North Block and Wimbourne South Block, which provide 59 new apartments in total. The development also consists of a new cafe/commercial space, creation of a new playground, relocation of existing car parking and new pavement and general landscaping works to improve general open space and amenity areas across the site.

The development is a key part of Hackney Council’s Housing Supply Programme, developing underused infill sites within existing estates to create much needed affordable housing. The site is located within a tight urban landscape on the Wenlock Barn Estate. The North Block consists of 41 homes across four to eight storeys and the South Block consists of 18 homes across four to six storeys. The tenure mix achieves equal thirds across tenures: socially rented/affordable/private sale.

This site on the corner of Wimbourne Street and New North Road enjoys long views over Shoreditch Park to the East and faces south along Wimbourne Street itself. The development has a landscaped entrance courtyard separating it from the busy New North Road. The landscape design plays a key role in integrating the building into the surrounding context of the Wenlock Barn Estate. The existing entrances to the surrounding area are re-paved to improve the quality of the areas and shared surfaces are introduced to promote pedestrian safety and improve the quality of the resident focused areas.

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