Chatham Place, Reading

Chatham Place has 211 apartments, most with balconies, arranged in a U-shape around a courtyard over four linked-blocks. It is situated in Reading, directly opposite another of our recladding projects, Mayer House, just outside the town centre directly adjacent to a busy ring road. It also comprises management offices, two retail units and a basement car park.

The works involve the removal of the existing cladding, backing system, sheathing board and SFS insulation. Following this, we carried out investigations and undertook the design, testing and installation of a replacement class A1 linear route cladding solution and associated builders works. We were supported in this by our Architect and Fa├žade Engineer, Cowans and Structural Engineer, Buro Happold.

We employed a local Resident Liaison Officer and benefitted from their existing knowledge of the area. In addition, all of our directly employed site labourers were recruited through local agencies.

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