Mayer House, Reading

Mayer House is one of nine projects that we have secured after being appointed as sole provider by Catalyst Housing Group on their four-year Fire Remediation Works Main Contractors Framework. Following investigations prompted by a change in building regulations, Mayer House was identified as requiring through-wall remediation to the entire block. The works are supported by the Building Safety Fund and therefore we quickly assembled the required team to achieve a meaningful start to works by 1st September 2020 and secure the funding.

The works involve extensive investigations and surveys of the existing render and timber cladding carried out alongside our Façade Engineer, Fassaden + Architektur + Technik. These will inform the design for in-situ remediation and replacement cladding. Extensive consultation has commenced to ensure that the residents of Mayer House, as well as the commercial premises on the ground floor, retain business as usual. Our project team and dedicated Resident Liaison Officer supported Catalyst in explaining and consulting on works during an initial Resident Forum. 

We partnered with Multivista who scanned the entire building generating as-built elevation drawings. These in turn facilitate information capture throughout the project enabling evidence collection to maintain a Golden Thread of Information.

Jordan Holmes, Relationships Manager at Multivista, said: “Multivista are pleased to be working closely with Higgins Partnerships. Since developing a relationship with Higgins we have partnered up to tackle major cladding remediation issues on unsafe buildings in order to achieve a common goal which is to make buildings safe and above all the residents that reside in them.”

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