Higgins supports Men’s Health Week

Posted: 16/06/2020

This year’s Men’s Health Week (15th to 21st June) is naturally focusing on Covid-19 and what we can all do to prevent the virus doing more damage. Across all sites, Higgins is supporting this week by providing toolbox talks and information which will be shared with staff, subcontractors and partners on site.

Julie Brooks, Head of Compliance at Higgins comments, “Men’s Health Week is an important week which helps us raise awareness of the health issues that particularly effect men. This year’s theme has affected the whole country but as we ease lockdown and start to return to a new normal, it’s important to continue to communicate the messages around Covid-19 and staying safe.

“Statistics show that men are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 and as an organisation we are ensuring that all measures are put in place to minimise the risk of Covid-19 for all our staff.”

Top tips are also included in the campaign to re-emphasis everything that we need to continue to do:

  • Stay home as much as possible

  • Wash hands as much as possible

  • Social distance (2m) as much as possible

  • Only touch your face with clean hands

  • Avoid touching door handles, switches etc - use gloves, extend your sleeve or use your foot, hip, elbow or parts of your hand you’re unlikely to touch to your face (eg. your knuckle or closed fist)

  • If you have symptoms, visit

Men’s Health Week is organised by The Men’s Health Forum, a registered charity whose mission is to improve the health of men and boys in England, Wales and Scotland. In the UK, one man in five dies before the age of 65. Figures from Public Health England in the last five years has shown that men working in the construction industry are at the highest risk of suicide.

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